Instalation instructions

This is very short, sorry. If you are having problems, email me.

  1. Uncompress the downloaded -bin.tar.gz file
  2. Create the directory /etc/arara
  3. Copy the file setup/arara.conf into /etc/arara/arara.conf (And edit it)
  4. Create the database tables for your database (setup/[dbtype].sql), so if you are using mysql, you should use setup/mysql.sql
  5. Copy the setup/[dbtype].xml to /etc/arara/database.xml (And edit it). Again if you are using mysql this would be "cp setup/mysql.xml /etc/arara/database.xml".
    Note: The database.xml file may contain passwords and stuff, so it should not be readable by everyone (actually, only by the tomcat user)
  6. Copy setup/mapping.xml to /etc/arara/mapping.xml
  7. Copy arara.war into the webapps direcotry of tomcat (ie: cp arara.war /var/tomcat/webapps/arara.war)
  8. Restart tomcat
  9. Check the logfiles for any errors.
  10. Create the administrator user (run, this will create a user named administrator with the password you choose.
    Note: The administrator can only be created once, after that the script is useless
  11. Connect to the service and use it (ie: http://localhost:8080/arara

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