Here we list features with the intention of providing them.

Feature Comment Tracker references
Artifacts Users own different types of items on the system (appointments, tasks, etc), they all have several common characteristics (ie: they are owned by a user). They can also reference other items. We enable this by making them all be artifacts.
  • [ 506439 ] My artifacts
    The system should enable browsing and searching of artifacts, owned by the user or not, in an inteligent manner.
  • [ 526596 ] Number of lines in text
    Artifacts that contain free text should not have limits on the length of that text. (at least a reasonable limit)
Notification Some artifacts need to trigger user(s)/group(s) notification(s). The means used for this notification are pluggable. (ie: email, web, SMS, etc)
Users / Groups / Roles System funcionalities are restricted on a user/group/role base. This means, for instance, that an artifact can have priviledged access only to a user who has the specified role on the specified group.
Datebook Artifacts with start/end dates are available providing a datebook where users can create appointment-like items.
  • [ 541132 ] Special dates
    There will be special dates for the datebook enabling users to post their birthdays, holidays etc.
Addressbook Using artifacts with contact information an addressbook is provided so that users can create contacts to store information about their contacts and use them when needed. none
Todo Using artifacts with expiration dates a todo list is provided so that users can create tasks and control (notify) their expirations. none
Memo Using artifacts with text content, users can store memos referencing them later if needed. none
Expense Using artifacts with information about expenses, users can track their expenditures and profits. none
Documents / Attachments Using artifacts with raw data, users can create attachments enabling them to save documents on the system and reference them later. none
Preferences A very flexible configuration for each user is provided, enabling the user to change his preferences to fit his choice.
Export A pluggable way to export data in Arara is provided to enable users to save, transport, print, ... their artifacts.
  • The system is totaly localized (ie: i18n) to permit ease of translation.
  • A pluggable email feature is provided