To organize the development of arara the development team decided to separate the process into several phases. This document describes those phases.

The current release is of Phase: 2.0-a1-concept - Concept. A list of the planned ones is shown bellow.

Phases for release 2.0

The main goal of release 2.0 is to reach a final, stable release of arara system with only one interface. The interface of this release will be web oriented.

2.0-a0 - Planning (Released: Apr-26-2002)

Create a plan (this plan) of the phases needed to complete the project.

2.0-a1 - Modeling

On this phase we will create a new model for the arara aplication using everything we learned when developing the 0.x version of arara.

We will also try to please all testers of the 0.x version by reading their requests posted to our trackers, and trying to create a model that enables all feature requests and gets rid of all bug reports.

Before accepting the output from the modeling, and to respect the idea of each phase beeing a release, we split 2.0-a1 into two more releases.

2.0-a1-concept - Concept (Released: May-02-2002)

During this phase we will create:

We think it's a good idea to post the concept once and then give people a chance to criticize and enhance our acheivings.

2.0-a1-pub - Publication

During this phase we will refactor:

We think it's a good idea to post the model once and then give people a chance to criticize and enhance our acheivings.

2.0-a1-fine - Fine tunning

After "pre" is finished, and we have heard all suggetsions we will post a new release after wich no more features will be added to the feature list and we will try not to change the Object Model unless it is utterly required.

2.0-a2 - Core development

After we have reached an agreement on what our model and features will be, we will develop the core of the application.

The core of the application will be composed of the logic needed to enalbe all features on our feature list and tests that grant that this logic works.

2.0-a3 - Web interface

Here we will develop the first interface for the arara system. It will be a web interface using the Turbine framework.

This will be the first release that will be usable by end-users. It will be targeted to netscape browsers (ie: no tests on other browsers).

This will be our last alpha release which means that after this we will start fixing bugs.

2.0-bx - Beta testing

We cannot know what kind of bugs may apear on our system, neither how long it will take (ie: how many releases) to get to a stable (final) release. As soon as we manage to reach stableness we will release the final 2.0 release and start working on 2.1 version.

Phases for release 2.1

We intend to develop other kinds of interfaces for the arara system. We thoguht of a java interface, a palm interface but we don't know yet.

2.1-a0 - Planning

Create a plan for 2.1 of the phases needed to complete the project. (The continuation of this document)